We, as Akpa Chemicals Inc. with all its employees in all our locations, undertake the duties and responsibilities below to protect the environment we live in and leave a clean, healthy, peaceful, and safe world to all living creatures and our future generations:

-  Complying with all national and international regulations and legislations,

-  Establishing, maintaining, and improving continuously environmental management system within the framework of the risk-based approach,

-  Setting objectives and targets consistent with our environmental vision and reviewing our environmental performance by our objectives and targets,

-  Allocating all kinds of resources and arranging required organization for our environmental objectives and targets,

-  Preventing environmental degradation or reducing it to a minimum level in all products’ life cycles including from product design, production, and transportation to end user processes and disposal after completing its life,

-  Reducing the consumption of resources such as water, gas, and electricity that we use to perform our activities by taking care of all kinds of efficient and conservative working methods,

-  Carrying out studies on our environmental objectives and targets in 2020:

            ·        % 5 reductions in annual total electricity consumption of our factory

            ·        % 2 reductions in annual total water consumption of our factory

            ·        % 1 reduction in annual total natural gas consumption of our factory

            ·        % 3 annual saving in paper use per capita in all locations

            ·        % 1 reduction in annual water consumption per capita in all locations

-  Principally preventing pollution and wastes, otherwise reducing and separating at its source and recycling,

-  Increasing environmental awareness of our employees by training and encouraging them to contribute to creating a corporate environmental culture,


-  Establishing our environmental policy under the responsibility of the health, safety, and environmental department, reviewing it annually, and announcing it to the relevant parties,  (next review on 05/08/2021)


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