Akpa Chemicals was established in 1997, and specializes in the production of Organic Peroxides, Initiators, Accelerators and Paint Driers. AKPA Chemicals Corporate Headquarters and production facilities are located in İstanbul, Turkey.

In order to increase its competitiveness in the developing chemical industry and provide a more effective service for the global market, AKPA Chemicals began investing in the US market in 2014. In 2018, the Distribution Headquarters of AKPA Chemicals US, Inc. was established in South Carolina.  As a result, products offered to the global market are now available to existing and potential customers in the Americas, who can now receive better and faster service with our expanded capabilities. Our aim is to increase local market access, while providing customers with outstanding service and a rapid, responsive supply chain.


In order to provide the very best quality products, our company achieved certification of ISO 9001 in 2015, in addition to ISO 27001 Quality Management System Standards in 2013, and ISO 10002 Information Security Management in 2018.  We have also implemented the Customer Satisfaction Management System and has received approval by ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards. As a result of these commitments to excellence, AKPA has secured a substantial global market position with products of exceptional quality.  These products are well respected throughout European Union countries in accordance with the legislation of EU, REACH and ECHA.

AKPA Chemicals established a State of the Art R&D center in 2017, and an equally modern Environmental Laboratory in 2018. These facilities, together with a highly qualified staff, allow AKPA to continue being a leader in the global marketplace, fueling consistant growth while meeting and exceeding customer requirements. In addition, AKPA collaborates with local universities by providing and cooperating in joint technical and development projects. 

More than 70% of AKPA Chemicals production is delivered outside of Turkey and throughout the world. Today AKPA is supplying its products to more than 65 countries, including the US, Mexico, and Canada. Our investment in the South Carolina faclity was intended to improve our ability to service the needs of of the North, South and Central American markets and to reflect to our distributors and customers that we are firmly committed to their needs. 




Foundation Akpa Kimya, First Production of Organic Peroxide.


First Production of powder form peroxides.


Achievement of production capacity 5,000 tons per year.


First Export Sales to Europe.


First Production of blend type peroxides.


For PE polymerization, the production of initiators starts.


Production of accelerators and paint driers.


Reach to annual production volume of 10.000 tons. First export to the USA.


Production of PVC catalyst.


Production of ftalat free products; sensitive to human health.


Established AKPA Kimya R&D Center.


Established AKPA Spain (AKPA Chemical Iberia, S. L.).

6 new production lines, 15 new product production.

Move-in to the new headquarters office.


Established USA Warehouse (AKPA Chemicals US).

Established Environmental Laboratory.

Established warehouse İstanbul Kıraç.


Established AKPA Germany (AKPA Chemie GmbH).


+75 country, 7 continent, 250 employee.

Second capacity expansion.

SAP S/4HANA Integration.



Established AKPA Chemicals US R&D Laboratory.




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